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"Just a quick note to tell you how much I loved the National Sales Meeting training workshop. I thought I was a pretty good negotiator until I took your seminar. I use to leave a bunch of money on the table and didn’t realize it."
Duane Cruickshank
Account Executive
Information Technologies Center
Washington DC

Your Negotiation Training Skills workshop in San Diego was a barn burner. I now can perceive tactics and counter them when they are used on me.
Ellen Barnett
Sales Manager
Beatrice Foods
Los Angeles, California

"Never give a concession unless you get a concession was a good lesson for me to learn. Thank you for conducting the negotiation workshop at our sales meeting. It is paying huge benefits."
Frank Woods Jr.
Sr. Sales Assistant
Covey Office Supplies
San Francisco, California

I wanted to have all of my sales representative exposed to professional negotiation training technique and you surpassed my expectations. My entire sales team learned how to up their aspirations, not to talk to limited authority, never to use manipulative tactics and to leave less on the table. I am happy we choose your training organization. Congratulations on doing such a remarkable job.

Mike McDonald
Sales Manager
El Paso Products
St. Lewis, Missouri





 Negotiation Training – The Salesman As Negotiator

Sales professionals have to walk a very fine line when negotiating with their customers. At one end of the spectrum, they have to focus on protecting their company’s interests during the pursuit of the sale. At the other end of the spectrum, they must come up with a negotiated solution that will ensure the perception of a win for the customer.  The reality is that, at times, customers and sales reps alike are not focused on the long-term implications of their actions. They are so focused on “winning” that they damage any changes of future transactions. The right approach is to take an approach that focuses on a mutually beneficial outcome while seeking to build the foundation for years of business. In The Salesman as Negotiator program, we teach sales professionals to become the best possible negotiators, set on protecting relationships while closing transactions at higher margins.

Our two-day workshop, The Salesman as Negotiator, provides sales professionals with time-tested and proven tools and skills that they can apply to the sales negotiations they face with both new and existing clients. Regardless of whether an account executive is finalizing the details of enterprise license agreement with a Fortune 500 company or negotiating an initial contract to break into a new customer account, The Salesman as Negotiator Skills teaches those essential skills to make participants more effective. We first focus on educating each person on their primary negotiation style to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This information enables sales professionals to then flex their style to deal with other negotiating styles, even with the most adversarial customers. Next, we teach professionals a five-step negotiation process that has been utilized by some of the largest and most successful companies in their respective industries. This process utilizes a creative negotiation process that focuses on a win-win for both parties.  Modules also cover negotiation tactics, deescalating conflict and the pros and cons of various negotiation situations. Role playing, group discussions, application exercises and activities, self assessments enable skills to be utilized and put to use immediately after the workshop. and allow participants to turn them into reality. 

By attending our two-day skills-based workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Strengthen their ability to handle any sales negotiation with confidence
  • Place relationships in the center of discussions to preserve long-term prospects
  • Understand their own negotiation style so as to flex with other parties
  • Plan and strategize prior to discussions to reach more successful outcomes
  • Improve their ability to realize stronger outcomes via the use of higher aspirations
  • Recognize and defuse the most commonly used negotiation tactics
  • Stop taking dangerous positions and focus on a negotiated outcome
  • Utilize post-negotiations skills to improve future negotiation performance
  • Reach profit targets through more effective negotiations
  • Recognize and deescalate conflict that threatens to derail a negotiation

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