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"I really enjoyed your seminar on telephone selling skills. The many techniques we learned are paying off in new sales. The telesales world has changed and you have helped us to learn how to shift our skill sets to meet this change."
Erin Koonce
Telesales Manager
Action Phone Systems
Atlanta, Georgia

"Telephone selling is really difficult and your selling system has made it more fun and has increased my successes. You really do know how to implement successful sales training."
Orion Wilding
Telemarketing Representative Utility Power Options
Atlanta, Georgia

"I really liked the training. I now have the tools to show my telesales team how to do a better job. I didnít know I could be a sales trainer. Thank you."
Randy Hemshaw
Telephone Sales Manager
Cincinnati, Ohio

Telephone Selling and Telesales has proven to be the most rewarding field I could have chosen. I wish I had taken your training workshop when I first started. I loved your workshop. Thank you for working with my telephone sales folks.
Ellen (Mariana) Gild
Director of Sales
State Farm Insurance
Toronto, Canada






 Telephone Sales Training

New and more efficient innovations in technology, changing opinions in sales models and insistent calls to decrease travel and sales expenses have led more companies to begin expanding their sales efforts via in-house telesales teams.†Unlike previous sales models where companies focused telephone efforts solely on smaller, growth accounts, more and more organizations are placing named accounts in the capable hands of senior telesales accounts reps.†With these new models comes a greater need for traditional account managers to become more effective in dealing with clients on the telephone.†At the same time, industries that have traditionally focused on selling exclusively over the phone must improve sales force skills to increase sales numbers, improve closing ratios and cement client relationships.†Even the most experienced sales professionals are not immune from those bad habits that can creep into their daily routines.† Our Selling Skills for Telesales Reps provides a highly interactive, one-day session designed to improve skills and provide an immediate impact on sales numbers.

Through our workshop, we apply the same consultative selling approach that we teach in time-tested sales training classes like The Trusted Sales Advisor.†Rather than acting as a pitch-man to push products and services, we teach participants how to uncover customer needs and then pull customers towards the right solution.† The focus is to provide appropriate solutions that truly meet client needs.†This is a long-term philosophy.†Simulation sessions allow participants to understand the application of sales concepts as they would apply to their jobs.† Target account applications, exercises, group discussions and other instructor-led activities make this session effective and rewarding.†Our experienced facilitators will provide coaching and feedback so that each participant walks out of the classroom with an understanding of how they can become stronger as sales professionals.† With these essential selling skills, they will be able to utilize skills to reach target numbers and improve profits.†

  • By attending our one-day skills-based workshop, participants will learn to:
  • Understand the unique challenges and opportunities found selling on the phone
  • Utilize telesales strategies to drive call volume and increase closing ratios
  • Understand how to deal with different buyer types
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry
  • Apply questioning skills to determine buyer attitudes, situations and priorities
  • Adjust their communication and sales approach based on buyer behavior
  • Identify problem areas and potential solutions
  • Assess personal selling performance following each sales call
  • Get past gatekeepers and admins to reach to decision makers
  • Handle the most common sales objections
  •    Utilize closing techniques that lead to faster closed accounts

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